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The third studio EP from Jeannine Barry 'BITTERSWEET' shows her in a completely new light. Lyrically demonstrating her ability to express feelings through music these new songs will sweep you away. Expect to be wowed by beautiful, mellow Country/Blues sounds and authentic, vulnerable, yet powerful vocals that are guaranteed to make your heart flip

Love Just Hurts

“I wanted to make music without rushing it, and to create something special to me that I could really feel proud of because of the way it was true to me. When Robert Leech, who wrote several songs on the Wandering Hearts album, contacted me to write after seeing us play at Country2Country we worked so well together that several of the songs we wrote ended up on the new release which will make up the first part of my debut album.”


“Love Just Hurts is the first single to come out of that and it has been a magical experience overall, especially when Jim Kimball, who works with country legend Reba McEntire, got involved and offered to mix the track.”

Give Me Something

Jeannine's debut studio EP ‘Give Me Something’.


All Night

Jeannine's debut single


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